A multi-sensory, dance-theatre experience within a 2-story bean to bar chocolate shop

  • This is a 90-minute experience involving sitting, standing, climbing stairs, being in close proximity with performers, and being separated from your party.

  • Comfortable shoes are recommended.

  • You will have agency to engage or disengage with the experience as preferred. 

  • There is a mandatory and complimentary coat and bag check. Please travel light.

  • We reserve the right to eject anyone who is putting themselves or others at risk.
  • There will be absolutely no late entry permitted.

  • We will do all we can to accommodate people with special needs, including ADA accessibility. Please contact us ahead of time to discuss options.


Various forms of chocolate and cacao will be offered throughout. This is an actual manufacturing facility.

The Chocolate Conspiracy produces a fine chocolate from bean to bar without roasting.  They sweeten their chocolate with local raw unfiltered honey.

“We never use refined sugars, soy, gluten, or any artificial flavors or ingredients. We use raw unfiltered honey as our primary sweetener. We use certified organic ingredients as much as possible. Our cacao is ALWAYS certified organic.”

There is no proscenium. There is no map. You choose to see what you want, and occasionally the things you see choose you.
Sound bleeds through like melted chocolate through the cracks in a bar press. Don’t worry, It’s as delicious as it sounds.
The moment you walk in you realize that the air is made of chocolate.